Last month, I reviewed the Anime Bento subscription box for Cratejoy‘s Fandom Month, which was crazy fun! I think it’s awesome when brands reach out to big and small blogs alike to promote their products because it means we all get to share the love. I know that a couple years ago, I never would have imagined that I would be compensated in any way (I definitely view getting free geeky swag as compensation=P) for writing this little blog of mine, so when a brand I like asks to work with me, I’m more than happy to help.  I was lucky enough to be asked to review not one, but two really cool subscription boxes, so today I want to share the Zine-o-Matic with you all!

About Zine-o-Matic

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Zine-o-Matic box. Cratejoy describes it as “carefully curated zines and underground art from up and coming artists across the world.” To be honest, it sounded a little too hipster for my tastes, so I was expecting to think it was interesting and not much else…but it was actually beyond cool! Here’s what was included in my box:

I had no idea I would be receiving such a quirky mix of paper goods! I particularly love the vintage photograph of an elderly couple at Knott’s Berry Farm, one of my favorite local theme parks. The cat and turtle sticker is really cute too, and I’m crazy about the Lovers tarot card from the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck!

This ‘feelings’ page was too perfect not to share with you all! As fangirls and boys, we’re all quite adept at dealing with all the feels, am I right? This is from the ‘Space Face‘ zine, which was super weird but full of fun, relatable artwork.

One of my favorite things that I received was the ‘Slowquest‘ create-your-own-adventure zine. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you all, so I’m just going to show a random page from it…but man, I really enjoyed reading through this little story!

Without a doubt, my absolute favorite goody was the ‘Tasteful Insect Nudes‘ booklet. It was adorable! The image is a little blurry, so just in case you can’t read it, the funniest entry (in my opinion) is,

This intriguing foreign ultra babe is Suzette. Getting by on her leggy physique, she’s constantly hounded by would-be suitors. Beware though gentlemen. She has a nasty habit of eating her mate’s heads! It may just be worth it though!


I couldn’t get enough of this colorful artwork! I can’t tell you the name of the zine since it was unmarked, but it was full of random drawings and comic panels and was a very enjoyable flip-through. There was also a fun 3-D zine (with 3-D glasses included!) and a vintage zine published in 1957 that included articles like ‘Are You Easy to Live With?’ and ‘A Formula for Happiness.’

Overall, I would definitely recommend this subscription box to anyone who loves indie art and quirky surprises! The only complaint I have with it is that I would have liked a guide detailing the artists and authors since many of these didn’t have that information included. Aside from that, I think the Zine-o-Matic is worth the price tag ($13.99/month + shipping). The quality of everything included was fantastic and I wasn’t disappointed with a single thing!

To be honest, I enjoyed opening this box more than the Anime Bento, which is saying something since I love me some free anime gear=P

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the Zine-o-Matic subscription box, you can order it from Cratejoy here!

Are there any fun subscription boxes that you’ve recently received? I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments below!



  1. This is amazing, and now I feel like I have to buy it but also: top right sticker is from one of the best poutine places in Toronto! I have like 10 of those stickers and I really should have them haha. 😂

    • Oh my gosh, is that what it’s from?! Gary and I were totally confused by it, haha! This is going to sound really sad, but I had no idea what poutine was before looking it up when I read your comment=P It sounds amazing though, why the heck don’t we have it in the States?

  2. This box is so fantastic!! And affordable which is always awesome! I must get my hand on a copy of Tasteful Insect Nudes…that is hilarious!!

  3. Wow, it looks interesting. I’m not sure if I would have ordered that box specifically. I just got a Kiwi Crate and I haven’t even opened it yet. XD

    • I don’t think I ever would have ordered that one, so I’m glad Cratejoy sent one to me. It’s really cool, I definitely feel like I’ll be ordering it again! And I always hear good things about Kiwi Crate, hope you love yours!

  4. That’s pretty sweet. I’m a sucka for art in general. Like one of those losers who’ll go to art galleries and just stare at stuff lol. I had no idea there were subscription boxes like this! I agree though, I’d love to see a little about the artist of each.

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