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Season 2 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather premiered on Friday and I couldn’t help but eat it up over the weekend.  When the show dropped last year, I didn’t know what to expect. While it had its flaws, I had been pleasantly surprised by the creepy teen drama and itching for more.

Warning: plot spoilers for seasons 1 and 2 ahead. If you haven’t watched yet, what the heck are you waiting for?

Based on a story by author Zoe Aarsen, the first season follows high schooler McKenna and her friends. They play a round of ‘Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board’ with the new girl, Violet, who gives the game a twist by making up gruesome stories for how each girl will die. When the girls start dying off exactly as predicted, Mack and co try to stop Violet from killing them all.

Violet isn’t your standard serial killer though. She’s plagued by the “chrysalis”, a creature burrowed in her back that destroys her from the inside-out unless she plays the game. Ultimately, it’s revealed that the chrysalis is part of a curse. Five people play the game, and the curse starts killing them off à la Final Destination. The last person alive wins, but at a cost. They inherit the chrysalis, which compels them to keep playing the game and allows the curse to kill more people.

McKenna, with the help of her best friend Alex, her crush Henry, and her estranged friend Trey, try to figure out a way to break the curse. They determine that McKenna’s recently deceased twin, Jennie, has been protecting her from beyond the grave, and they come up with a plan to pass the chrysalis to Jennie and end the curse for good.

Yeah, the story is convoluted, but it’s just intriguing enough to stay hooked. The season ends with McKenna taking on the curse and Violet institutionalized, so I was excited to see what this would mean for Mack and her surviving friends.

Season 2

Light as a Feather McKenna

Season 2 starts with McKenna coming to terms with her new reality. She visits Violet at the institution, who offers to help with the curse provided McKenna gets her out.

Alex is less than thrilled that Mack has been talking to Violet again, but she’s got her own issues to deal with. Her overbearing sister is back from college and watching her every move, so she hasn’t had any time to unwind. She goes to a party and meets Peri, a new love interest and the first cast addition to the series.

Meanwhile, Mack is dealing with hallucinations and blackouts thanks to the chrysalis. Her relationship with Trey becomes strained as she tries to hide the chrysalis and its effects, and when her mother suffers an accident (oh yeah, did I forget to mention that the curse also somehow affects loved ones too?), she pushes Trey away to protect him. She also realizes that Violet is her only chance at beating this thing, so she convinces Alex to help her get Violet out of the institution.

Violet gets her freedom back, but all three girls are now stuck with court-ordered community service. This is where we meet the rest of the new cast members and things start to take a turn towards spooky.

My Thoughts

This season starts out much slower than the first. In an effort to set up the story for the season, the show packs a lot of detail into the first few episodes, making them feel rushed. But once the first gruesome death of the season occurs and the girls realize Mack must have started a new game, the show really picks up.

This season differs from the last in that the previous person carrying the curse, Violet, had a sinister streak. She seemed to enjoy playing the game, while McKenna is a truly kind and decent person who doesn’t want any part of sending others to their deaths. However, Mack inevitably played the game again during one of her blackouts, kick-starting a new round of deaths. The gang tries to figure out who else is at risk and what exactly is happening during Mack’s blackouts, all while trying to navigate new relationships and cope with their recent traumas.

I don’t want to spoil the big twists of the season, so I’ll just say that I really liked how they explained Mack’s blackouts. We also get to learn a little more about McKenna’s twin in the days leading up to her death, and watching Mack and Jennie live their day to day lives was super sweet. My favorite thing about this season, though, was Haley Rahn as Violet. I think all the actors did a great job, but Violet is still such a strange, unhinged girl thanks to Rahn’s portrayal and she was a lot of fun to watch.

Overall, this season didn’t quite live up to my expectations, but I still enjoyed it. There were some pacing issues and the show wasn’t as suspenseful as last season, but the acting and overall creepiness make it a worthwhile watch. Like the first season, each episode is only around 20 minutes long, so it’s a quick binge with only 8 episodes (with another 8 to come in October). The last episode ends predictably, but I’m invested enough in the characters to want to see how it plays out. Will they finally break the curse? We’ll find out in October!

Over to you!

Have you watched Light as a Feather yet? If you watched Season 2, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I don’t understand how the person with the parasite can get rid of it by playing another game because everyone apart from them is predicted to die (they don’t include them selves in the predictions), leaving them alive and stuck with the thing. The only reason it left Violet and Mac got it was because Mac accidentally didn’t die right? I found the parasite rules really confusing tbh!?

    • Seriously though, the parasite rule is definitely confusing. I think Violet had kept playing it over and over because the parasite would hurt her and her family if she didn’t…and I think that passing it on to Mac had been more of a fluke. But yeah, I don’t quite understand it either haha. Still entertaining though 😛 I’m thinking about reading the book, maybe the author does a better job of clarifying that!

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