April Golden Snitch Sponsors
Hey friends! I’m a day late getting this posted because work is crazy right now:( I’m super excited to join in on this giveaway again though, it’s always so much fun! I’ll be posting my 6 on 6 a little later this month…I know that defeats the purpose of the whole ‘posting six photos on the 6th of the month’ thing, but I’ve just been so busy and haven’t been able to take pictures lately. I can’t wait to check out everyone’s photos today though! Is it just me or is everyone in our little blogging community getting AWESOME at taking pictures?! Yay! But anyway, on to the fun stuff…


*Stereotypical Movie Announcer Voice* In a world… where super heroes collide… we bring you…

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN – the giveaway box.

It’s time for another Golden Snitch – the monthly giveaway box full of geek goodies that opens at the close. This month, we’re all pretty stoked about the Batman vs Superman movie that recently hit theaters (no spoilers, please!) and wanted to offer up some pretty heroic prizes. But before we get into the giveaway and its contents, won’t you please take a moment to get to know me and the other sponsors?

I’d Like to Introduce You To…

Since the new Batman VS Superman movie recently came out in theaters, we thought it would be fun to shed some light on what side we’re on. Spoilers: There seem to be a lot of Batman lovin’ ladies in this group!

Batman vs Superman Favorite and why

KIMI | Kimi Who?
I enjoy Batman’s sense of responsibility to his city. He could have anything he wanted – including hiring someone to fight the bad guys for him. But no… he takes it upon himself to do the dirty work of protecting the city and people he loves. Batman Forever! #sopunny

LIANA | Art Prints by Liana
Batman, of course! He has the superpower of unparalleled resilience and restraint of ethical justice and mad martial art skills. Also he’s a super attractive playboy whom no one would expect is the dark knight vigilante. (It probably helps that he’s also my all time favorite comic book character.)

LAURA | Con Couture
They were both awesome in the movie and fighting for what they believed was right. Each perceived the other as the threat, when in reality they needed to work together. Oh, how I love when things get kumbaya. 🙂 So, I’m going to be that person that can’t pick one and say that I just love them both!

HANNAH & SARA | The Perfect Storm BFFs
Batman because he’s just a fairly normal guy who wants to help people and try to make Gotham a better place. He’s trained super hard and uses his gadgets to make that happen. Plus, Batman has the BEST villains!

TISH | The Veganista Foodie
I’ll have to side with Superman. I love superheroes that have cool super powers. I also appreciate the sense of responsibility he has in helping a planet that isn’t even his own.

JENN | The Diary of a Dreamer
Batman. He’s just a mortal man trying to protect his city.

KATY | Plays Well With Coffee
Batman will always be my favorite. Why? Because he’s just a man who wants to take the crime out of Gotham city. But also – that suit and cape – yum!

DANIELLE | From Girlie to Nerdy
BATMAN! I’ll admit, I’ve never liked Superman. I always thought he was kind of lame (sorry, folks). Batman on the other hand has always been my favorite. Although he doesn’t have any true superhero powers, he’s smart, creative, and a little dark. Win-win for me!

ASHLEE | Her Geekery
Batman forever! I’ve always liked that he’s a real guy (albeit, a ridiculously weathy one) who uses his strength and intelligence to save the day. No superpowers required, thank you very much! But let’s be real, between Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, it’s Cavill all the way!

JESSICA | The Nifty Nerd
Both these guys aren’t necessarily my favorite, but if I were to pick the winning side it’d be Superman. To keep this succinct- Realistically Superman’s true strength in power greatly outweighs Batman. He could stay a hundred yards away from Batman and just melt him with his heat vision or freeze him with his freeze breath. He wouldn’t even need to get close enough for Batman to use some “trick” like kryptonite.

DARCIE | Homemaker Vs The World
It’s actually really hard for me to choose between Batman and Superman. In the end, I’d have to choose Team Batman. I think Superman has a bit of an unfair advantage by having the powers to do just about anything, including turning back time. Batman has to use his brain and gadgets to get himself out of situations. I’m also more partial to Batman’s backstory. He chooses to do what he does because of what happened to his parents. In the end, while his methods may be a little darker than other super hero’s, he does what he does so others don’t have to go through what he went through when he lost his parents.

Batman all the way. Superman has always been too cheesy for me, and I’m pretty sure rich boy Wayne wouldn’t have a problem getting his hands on some kryptonite.

HEATHER | The Nerdy Fox
Batman…. because I’m not a fan of Superman. Haha. No, I just like Batman more out of the two.

ANGIE | My So-Called Chaos
BATMAN! I just like Batman better honestly…

April Golden Snitch

No matter which hero you are rooting for, you’ll look super as the proud owner of this prize box! This month’s box includes a great selection of items including:

  • Second-edition Brian Bolland Batman Black & White Statue
  • Mini Batman Bat Signal
  • Superman QPop Figure
  • Superman & Batman Huggie Earrings (Courtesy of Con Couture)
  • Metal Wonder Woman Business Card Holder

Disclaimer: The giveaway is open to Residents of the United States only. Sorry international readers – shipping for these typically heavy boxes can be rather expensive. Please, no contest accounts. Entries will be verified.

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