Hey friends! I know things have been quiet around here, but I have a good reason for it. Well, kind of…I’m still so obsessed with Pokémon Moon that I haven’t wanted to do much else, haha! Between trying to complete my Pokédex and getting the hang of my new bullet journal, I haven’t been coming up with many post ideas for my blog. I’ve never wanted to force my posts so I’m not going to, but I’m definitely hoping that I get the urge to get back into the swing of things soon.

In the mean time, I’ve been scouring Etsy for everything Pokémon Moon and I’ve found so many cute things to share with you all. If you’re still as crazy about this game as I am, you’re going to love these too!


  1. Chubby Alolan Starters Keychains | Papricots
  2. Mimikyu Watercolor Poster | Extremepanda Design
  3. Bewear ‘Free Hugs’ Sweatshirt | Inkster Inc.
  4. Nebby Acrylic Pin | The Fresh Pins of LA
  5. Alolan Vulpix Stickers | Lagproof Items


Over to you!

Have you played Pokémon Moon (or Sun) yet? Are you like me and finished the story long ago and are STILL playing? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know if this is irrational behavior=P


  1. Looove!! Etsy is a total weakness, some folk create some fabulous things. And while I haven’t been playing Pokemon recently, I will always be obsessed with these critters. ROWLET IS MY GOOD ROUND BOY. xD

  2. We haven’t made much progress yet haha! My partner and I have been playing FFXV like mad, and my kiddo has been opting to play her other video game lately so we have hardly gotten started! It is so much fun and so cute though! I MUST get an Alolan Vulpix!!

  3. Aaahhh I love all of this! However I admit I haven’t gotten very far in Pokemon Sun yet 🙁 I’m still on the second island lol.

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