Recently, the always amazing Pepi of dePepi organized a fun Funko Pop swap within the Geek Girls x Bloggers Facebook group, and it was a blast! I know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it at least a hundred more times on here, but the geek girl blogging community is just so amazing. If you’re a geeky gal like me and you’re looking for a group of like-minded people to connect with, hop on over to the Geek Girls x Bloggers! We’re super supportive and I promise we won’t bite=P

For this swap, we were partnered up and given a list of our swap buddy’s most-wanted Pops, then told to go wild! Leave hints, tease at what your buddy was going to get…but keep it a secret! Alright, I’m not great with being subtle, so I just avoided that aspect of the swap altogether lest I spoil the secret=P But my partner, Kimi, did a fabulous job of teasing me! She sent over a photo of basically all the Pops from my list stacked up with the caption ‘A little birdie told me you want these!’ She’s such a Funko fanatic that she already owned all of the Pops I wanted!! Too funny.

She ended up sending me the Rose Tyler Pop, which is absolute perfection! I had been wanting to get my Ten his ultimate companion for a while now, so I’m happy that Kimi chose her for me.
I currently have her set up on top of my computer with Ten, the TARDIS, a Dalek, and my Dalek SecPops! I still want the rest of the baddies like the Weeping Angel and Cyberman Funkos, but they’ll have to wait just a bit longer. For now, I’m just loving the way she looks with the rest of the group!

See? So cute. She feels like a well-made Pop, too. Not so top heavy that I think she’s going to be falling over any time soon, and the painting on her is perfect! Usually my Pops have one or two blemishes, but I haven’t found any noticeable ones on my Rose.

Perhaps my favorite thing about my surprise from Kimi was this poem she included:

Haha! It totally made my day when I opened up the package and read that. Awesome job, Kimi! I loved my gift and I hope she loved hers too. Be sure to check out her blog, Kimi Who, and let her know how wonderful and magical she is<3

So which Pops are you lusting after lately? Let me know, I’m always looking for more Funko to drool over!


  1. Aww, that’s adorable. She’s such a lovely pop. I really need to start my DW collection sometime soon. 🙂

  2. Mariah Kaercher Reply

    I loved Rose! I also loved Nine so I feel like Rose and Nine really complimented each other well.

  3. Danielle Knapp Reply

    The note card is absolutely perfect! I need a Doctor Who POP collection ASAP 🙂

  4. The note just made it even more, I love Kimi! It really doesn’t surprise me that she already had all the Funkos. Her collection is insane (in a good way). I love that Funko so much! Grats!

  5. Eeee so cute! Love the poem too. I totally missed the boat on this swap, but I love seeing everyone’s posts!

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