Hi friends! It’s been quite a while since I did a video game review, but I figured that since I’m obsessed with Pokémon Moon right now, I’d chat about it on the blog a bit.

First off, I’m a new 3DS owner (thanks to Black Friday) and I had no idea that screenshots aren’t allowed for certain games. What the heck is up with that? So the in-depth review full of pretty Pokémon pictures that I envisioned for today isn’t going to happen. This is the first Pokémon game that I’ve played in years and years aside from Pokémon Go, which totally doesn’t count. So much has changed from my days of playing Red, Blue, and Yellow.First of all, they’ve switched up the traditional battle mechanics. Instead of Gym battles, you fight Totem Pokémon, super powerful Pokémon trained by island captains. Beating them grants you Z-crystals, which enable your Pokémon to do crazy cool special moves while you do a fun little dance…kinda weird, but I like it.

After you fight all of the Totem Pokémon on an island, you battle the island’s Kahuna. This guy (or gal!) is basically the head honcho, and once you beat them you get to move on to the next island.There are four islands in Alola, and they’re all gorgeous. I love that Alola is totally Hawaii and I can live vicariously through my trainer, haha. The new Alolan versions of original Pokémon, like the super cute Alolan Meowth, are so much fun! I also love the new Professor (a quirky surfer bro) and your new ‘rival,’ Hau…though so far he’s more of a goofy friend than a rival.

The game is full of so many extra perks that make the gameplay even more fun! Of course, I enjoy being able to change my trainer’s clothes, hair style, and makeup since I’ve always hated that I couldn’t customize my character in past games. And it’s awesome that the background for battles is actually true to the region you’re battling in, instead of that old generic background.My very favorite change, though, is Pokémon Refresh! Basically, you’re able to care for your Pokémon after battles by giving them medicine, grooming them, and feeding them Poké Beans. It sounds tedious, but it’s really damn cute. Doing this helps raise the Pokemon’s affection towards you, and the higher their affection, the better they fight in battles. Definitely a cool perk!

I’m only about halfway through the second island, so I’m not very far into the game. I’m loving it so far though! The cut scenes are gorgeous and make me feel like I’m watching anime. Plus, you can ride Pokémon! So there’s that too.

Alright, this wasn’t the informative review I had imagined posting today, but that’s okay. I’m loving the game and all I want is to rave about it to anyone who will listen! Anyway, I’m off to play more Pokémon Moon…because duh.

Over to you!

Have you tried Pokémon Sun or Moon yet? What’s your favorite change so far? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Woaaahhh I didn’t know we can’t post screen shots? Good thing you mentioned that hahah. I agree with literally everything here. I’m loving Pokemon Sun! 😀

  2. Mariah Kaercher Reply

    You definitely need Animal Crossing New Leaf for 3DS since you’re a newbie owner. This is definitely on my list of games to play.

  3. I don’t have a 3DS (nor a lot of money), but I’d love to play this! My brother and his girlfriend recently bought both versions, so I’ll need to visit them soon to try it out. Best excuse ever. 🙂

    • Definitely! Be careful though, you’ll probably get super sucked into it and won’t end up visiting much at all, haha. I’m sure they’d forgive you though, it’s just so fun! 😛

  4. Awww a new 3DS!!! Lucky you! I’ve been wanting one for ages. Alas, since I bought my new mammoth iPhone I’m playing tsumtsums in there. I wonder if this game can be found for iPhone too….

  5. I’ve got Pokemon Sun! The new pokemon this generation are super cute, but I felt like the beginning of the game kind of dragged on because of most of it being tutorial. But, I totally agree with you: The Pokemon Refresh is a nice new addition! Have you started watching the anime for the game? (it’s really freaking cute!)

    • I haven’t watched the anime yet! I keep hearing good things about it though, so I’ll have to check it out. And I totally agree with you about the beginning! It draaaags but luckily it didn’t take too long to get through!

  6. I CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY!!! We are giving this to my daughter for her birthday (even though we will enjoy just as much haha)…the 18th can’t come fast enough!! It looks so good!

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