I feel like almost all of my most recent Funko Fridays posts have been about my Doctor Who Pops, which means two things to me: 1) I need more Funkos and 2) Doctor Who is my obvious choice for this week’s theme. Technically, the theme is ‘the TV show that made you want all of its Funkos,’ but I don’t actually want ALL of the Doctor Who Pops. I know, I know, bad Whovian. But I think that until they come out with a line of Farscape Funko Pops, there really aren’t any shows that have made me lust after all the Pops. I’ve never watched Classic Who, so I’m not really feeling the Four Pop, and as much as I love all of the new Doctors….I really only care about displaying one in teeny vinyl figurine form.

Because duh. Really, I just want to collect the rest of the Doctor Who baddies and the Rose Tyler Pop, because even though I prefer to ship Ten and me, I guess Rose will do.

As I’ve shown many times before on the blog, I only have Ten, the TARDIS, the Dalek, and the Dalek Sec Pops. There are still a handful of other Doctor Who Funkos that I plan on getting, but probably no other Doctors, and definitely no other companions aside from Rose. Possibly Jack Harkness because Captain Jack is nom. And not going to lie, I’d totally pick up a Donna Pop if they made one!

Thanks as always to the lovely Pepi and Kimi for encouraging all the Funko madness! If you’re lusting after a certain show’s Pops, why don’t you join the Funko Fridays link-up? It’s always so much fun checking out everyone’s collections!


  1. I have a ten as well, and other than the TARDIS, he’s my only Doctor Who Funko! And I would freak out if they made Farscape POPs….I would need EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!

  2. Dawwww <3 there's too much cuteness in this post!!! 🙂 You are going to make me want all the Funkos here!

      • I know what you mean xDDDD I’ve seen really cute pops out there. But I want to keep myself into the shows I follow, otherwise the pops are going to live at home and I’ll end up sleeping on the entrance!

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