You guys, I am SO HAPPY that it’s Friday. I spent this week sick, then stressed out at work, and now I’m sick again! Darn my weak immune system! The teas that Nichole from CuppaGeek sent to me has really helped me stay at least functional, so thanks Nichole<3 (She’s getting married tomorrow, by the way! So exciting!!)

Today’s theme for Funko Fridays is ‘Show & Tell.’ We’re supposed to pick one of our Funko to talk about, so I’m choosing my new Loot Crate Exclusive Dr. Emmett Brown Pop! Seriously, look at how cute he is? Remember in the first Back to the Future where past Doc is showing Marty his whole ‘harnessing the power of lightning’ idea on the town replica he made? And he has the cut on his forehead from when he fell and hit his head on the sink? That’s the scene that this Pop! is based on=) I love the little details that they included, like his plaid shirt and the pens in his jacket pocket.

I know there’s a free-for-all 5 Fandom Friday going on today, but since I had such a crazy week, I’m going to skip out on that and catch up on all the awesome blog posts I haven’t read yet instead ! Also, don’t tell on me, but I’ve already fallen behind on my NaNoWriMo daily word goal. I’m definitely planning on catching back up this weekend, I just hope that writer’s block doesn’t strike (dun dun duuuun). I hope you all have a great weekend! Oh and just out of curiousity, did any of you purchase the virtual ticket for BlizzCon/will actually be attending BlizzCon this year?


  1. Aw is HE cute! I haven’t taken mine out of his box yet (argh I am out of room! haha). Aw I love his goggles. 😀

  2. So cute! I wanted to ask if you’d like access to pin your Funko posts onto my Pinterest Funko board? I’m planning on asking all the ladies who do the Funko Friday posts because you’re all so damn awesome. Let me know if you’d like to! I just need an email address I think? Or maybe your user name on Pinterest. I haven’t ever opened a board before but I’m getting into the spirit haha

    • That sounds awesome, Christina! Thanks for the invite=) I’m not sure which you need either, so just in case my username is hergeekery and my email is! Also, did you end up creating a button for your site? Sorry if you’ve posted it somewhere and I totally missed it, but I still want to put it up in my sidebar<3

      • I’m actually in the process of a COMPLETE site change/revamp – I’m going to do a new button for it and as soon as I’m done I’ll send it to you! <3

  3. Kalem Klub Reply

    Oh man, I have been salivating over that Dr. Brown variant! I only have Dr. Brown Pop in the white lab coat, but how I best remember his character is holding those cables and wearing the goggles!

  4. Dawwww the Doc is so cuuuuuteeeee. I think I’m adding him to my wish list :p OMG Funko Fridays are evil already! 😉

  5. Love this Doc pop! The goggles are so perfect! And I love the details too…I’m such a sucker for tiny details in Funkos. Hope you’re feeling back to tip top soon! 🙂

    • Thanks Kay! I’m already feeling better now that it’s Saturday…maybe it’s just work that makes me sick=P I know what you mean, I think it’s the little details that make Funkos great!

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