Happy Friday, everyone! This week was so draining, I just plain couldn’t find the time to write up a 5FF post for today. BUT I’m super excited to participate in the first week of Funko Fridays! I can’t wait to see how these prompts evolve over time, and I think we’ll have a lot of fun bonding over our favorite vinyl collectibles<3 This week’s theme is ‘Once Upon A Funko,’ and I’m sure I’ll be reading a ton of stories about the beginnings of Funko obsessions all over the world today.

My first and only Funkos (so far) are actually Mystery Minis. My little sister bought them for Gary and I two Christmases ago, and I had absolutely no idea what they were. She bought them because we’re obsessed with Game of Thrones, and they were a lot of fun to open up! As you can see, we got Tyrion and Robb, but now I’m itching to get all of them. Since they’re ‘Mystery Minis,’ I’m torn between buying them packaged for cheaper (but not knowing which characters I’ll be getting), or paying a little extra to buy the characters I actually want (since people open the boxes up and sell the actual Funkos on eBay). I’ll probably go with the second option since it’s easier, so hopefully I’ll have a whole set of Game of Thrones Mystery Mini Funkos to show off on the blog soon=)

So my story is short and sweet…my sister bought them for my husband and I, none of us knew that they were actually wonderful treasures, now I think they’re awesome. I’ve already bought more but I’m waiting for them to arrive…it’s hard deciding which ones to buy first! There are so many that I love, but since I want to buy ALL THE THINGS, I’ll have to pace myself. Next week’s theme will be a breeze for me, since it’s ‘Funko Collections I Want to Complete’…I’ll have to figure out how to narrow down my ever-growing list. If you want to check out the upcoming Funko Fridays themes, here you go!

I hope you guys join in on the Funko Fridays fun. We’re linking up all of the posts, so check out everyone’s first Funko stories on the Funko Fridays website!


  1. Aw I loves them! I was just telling another blogger that I don’t have any GoT Funko which is absurd! I need to fix that soon. Haha Thanks for linking up and showing us your first Funko! <3

  2. I love these GoT mystery minis. I agree with buying the figures you want, you can even do the SDCC exclusives of the mystery minis that are the “In Memoriam” boxes. Basically all the characters in these boxes have died in the show…. so you know that’s a lot of characters! 😉

    • Haha, that’s a ton of them then! I’m debating whether I should complete the minis set and still buy some of the full-sized GoT Funkos too, or if that’ll be too redundant:P But yeah, I’m thinking spending a little extra for the convenience of knowing who I’m getting is the way to go.

  3. I have to admit I kinda love these GoT mini Funkos more than the regular ones, I always get a box if I see them at conventions, it’s become a little convention tradition. At first I kinda resisted because I thought I’d end up with like 10 Joffreys when all I really wanted was Ghost but in fact I’ve got 0 Joffreys and 3 Ghosts hahaha, I’ve actually been pretty lucky with them and the only extras I have are of the dragons or Ghost which I don’t mind as I can turn them into cute accessories xoxo

  4. The Mystery Minis are so cute! But I’m always afraid I’ll get a char I’m not so into. Luckily for my bank account, I don’t feel the need to collect whole sets; I just like getting the characters I’m into! 🙂

    • Haha, definitely. That’s why I really would rather not buy the blind boxes. I don’t like surprises anyway, so it’s not a big loss:P The OCD in me thinks I should collect full sets buy my wallet definitely disagrees, so we’ll see!

  5. Melissa (Eris) Reply

    I love the game of thrones minis. The details are perfect. After I finally got Arya from the 1st set I have switched over to the 2nd set. I want them all

  6. Awwwwww This is so sweet!!! 😀 😀 I got my minis (Loki & Thor) from eBay because I couldn’t find them here (no minis… meh) and because I couldn’t wait to have these two xDDDD So, yeah, I cheated. So Loki from me. I love your story, I find it so sweet. Please, keep on collecting them! <3

    • Haha, I’ll probably be getting most of my Funkos online, because I hate venturing to the outside world:P Mini Loki and Thor are super adorable though, good choices!

      • xDDDD I get all my Funkos online (except Captain America, I ventured out in the wild wild world LOL ) And that’s the problem: you can find everything online xDDDD I won’t show you my mammoth Funko Wishlist then xDDDDD

    • True! I just don’t like the chance of getting a character I already have, since I’m too lazy to try to sell my extras. I guess I could give them away though…:P

      • Good point! It is a bummer getting repeats. Perhaps you could save them for stocking stuffers (if you do that sort of thing)? 🙂

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