…why, it’d be this adorable fella, of course! Okay, I’m sure this is a much more difficult decision for those of you with more than seven Pops, but for me, there’s no question. My husband bought Ten and the TARDIS for me recently, and I absolutely adore them. Ten is my favorite Doctor (because David Tennant, nom) so I can absolutely say that of all seven of the Funko Pops that I own, I would choose Ten if I were forced to keep just one.

Side note, who else is super excited to watch David Tennant in Jessica Jones? I’m definitely psyched about the show for more reasons than just his pretty face…but come on, look how pretty:

Yes, I know he’s supposed to be purple and people are having a fit over him being…well, not purple, but I’m still pretty dang excited<3

Anyway, back to the Funko fun! If you’ve never heard of Funko Fridays, you’re seriously missing out. It’s a new weekly link-up created by Kimi and Pepi, dedicated to our favorite vinyl figurines. If you’d like to join in, you totally should! Check out the upcoming themes here. Funkos are love, people!


  1. I love this guy, too. I have him and the TARDIS (and 11, because Matt’s my hubs’ favorite). Ten is totally my favorite; David Tennant is so swoony!

    I’m very excited to see him as a villain, though!

  2. OMG Pop loooove on the rocks!! So cute! Also, Jessica Jones!!! :3 :3 I am waiting for it like a baby in front of the ice-cream shop! Yay!!!!

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