Amazon Prime’s dark, new superhero show The Boys premiered a couple weeks ago, and I ate it up within the first couple days. I already can’t wait for new episodes, so it was definitely a treat when the show’s creator, Eric Kripke, tweeted a teaser photo from the set of season 2 on Friday.

Although The Boys is anti-superhero, with the ‘good guys’ being the motley group of regular Joes who take on the corporate, morally-skewed supes, I still found myself falling in love with Starlight, the innocent newbie superhero. She inspired me to write up a new Fandom 5 post (I haven’t done one in over two years!) about my favorite female superheroes on TV right now. Starting with…

1) Starlight/Annie January – The Boys

Starlight/Annie January from The Boys
Image via Amazon Prime Video

Annie is innocent and naive, and wants nothing more than to use her powers to save the world. When she joins the Seven, she expects to meet like-minded heroes and do some good. What she gets instead is sexual assault, corporate greed, and a skimpy new costume. Throughout the show, she begins to lose trust in others, question her religion, and become a feminist icon for sexual assault awareness (which her employer, Vought, immediately capitalizes on). After discovering Hughie’s true intentions and learning the truth about how she obtained her superpowers, she loses hope for a time. Ultimately, though, she chooses to fight for what’s right, helping Hughie and the gang take on Vought and the Seven. She went through a whole lot of bullshit but kept on going, and I can’t wait to see her kick more butt next season.

2) The Rumor/Allison Hargreeves – Umbrella Academy

Rumor/Allison Hargreeves from Umbrella Academy
Image via Netflix

Allison isn’t your typical superhero. She doesn’t have super-strength or speed, she can’t shoot lasers from her eyes…she simply spreads a rumor to turn her wishes into reality. While this sets her apart from the usual superhero fare I’m used to seeing on screen, I love Allison because she seems so damn authentic. Yes, she totally uses her powers for personal gain at first, manipulating her way into a dream career and idyllic relationship. But when she’s caught using her powers on her daughter, her life spirals downhill and she seems to become more grounded. She’s emotional and nurturing, and the only one who really shows affection to the misfit Hargreeve sibling, Vanya. Now that she’s lost the ability to use her powers, I’m definitely curious to see how her character deals in season 2.

3) Sydney Barrett – Legion

Sydney Barrett from Legion
Image via FX

First off, I had no idea that the final episode of Legion would be airing tonight when I sat down to write this post! Guess I’m falling a little behind on my TV watch list, whoops. But seriously, Legion has been so much fun to watch and Syd played a big part of that. She’s had a rough life, having been institutionalized for her refusal to touch anyone, then finding solace in David only to have that trust broken when he sexually abused her. Despite all of this, she bounces back to help deal with David, choosing to try and heal him instead of killing him. I’ll admit that I’m a few episodes behind on the current season, but seeing Syd take on all that darkness and stay resilient has been a treat to watch.

4) Dagger/Tandy Bowen – Cloak and Dagger

Dagger/Tandy Bowen from Cloak and Dagger
Image via Hulu

Like the other women on my list, Tandy has a devasting past. Her father died in an accident when she was young, and she and her mother were forced to leave their charmed lives behind when her father’s employer placed the blame on him. She acted out frequently to avoid her absentee mother, but after running into Tyrone years after their first encounter and discovering their powers, she learns how to better herself. She’s rough around the edges, but I love seeing how much her character has grown these past couple seasons.

5) Sister Grimm/Nico Minoru – Runaways

Sister Grimm/Nico from Runaways
Image via Hulu

Nico got her powers after her own mother attacked her, which I think totally sets her apart from the standard superhero origin stories out there. Her anger towards her parents fuels her fire to work with the other Runaways and take down PRIDE, and despite her parents’ betrayal, she’s kept her sass and sense of humor. I love her snark, her kick-ass goth style, and of course, her super sweet relationship with Karolina. After the cliffhanger from last season though, I’m definitely excited to see what happens to Nico in season 3.

Over to you!

Who are your favorite superheroes on TV right now? Let me know in the comments below!


    • Oh my gosh, the book is so good! And for sure, there are so many amazing shows out there that it’s hard to keep up with all of them!

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