I sat down to write an entirely different post last night, but then my husband said something that irritated me and (almost) ruined my night. Being in a heightened emotional state at this particular time of the month, I did let my anger fester for a couple hours before realizing that I was being silly. Life is too damn short to spend time upset over something that was said with no intention of insult….it’s too short to spend time upset over many things, actually.

So now I’m writing a post about something that makes me incredibly happy: the female geek blogging community. There are so many wonderful women in the blogosphere, and they do some pretty amazing things! I’m just going to be talking about two of them today, but I’d like to make this a regular feature because I mean, if you’re a part of this community, you know how awesome so many of these lovely ladies are.

First, I want to talk about one of my favorite bloggers, Pepi of the blog dePepi.com. As many of you know by now, she recently published a book called Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army.

As if she wasn’t cool enough, this girl published a book about her biggest fandom! How incredible is that? To top it off, you can really tell how passionate she is about Loki and his army of fans. Of course this book appeals to people who know and love Loki, but it’s also perfect for people like me who know nothing about the Marvel universe.

Don’t hate me please, but I’m not the biggest fan of Marvel…I’ve just never been into superhero movies, I guess. I watched the first Thor movie, but I never gave much thought to Loki (gasp!) and I definitely never considered his fandom. In fact, I didn’t even know he had such a huge following until I happened across Pepi’s blog, and then I was intrigued! Okay so that’s the guy from the Thor movie…why are people so obsessed with him?! I wanted to read this book because I was dying to understand what all the fuss was about, and I was not disappointed.

Pepi goes above and beyond explaining the how and why of Loki’s popularity. Not only does she talk about Loki and his persona as a character, she also explains the connection between the character Loki and the actor Tom Hiddleston and why Tom himself is so important to the Loki fandom. My favorite part of the book, however, was the section on Loki’s Army since my main reason for reading was to discover what lies behind the minds of Loki fans. You guys are intense! Haha, but really, now that I know A LOT about Loki and I actually understand why he’s so adored, I just want to give him a hug. And I definitely want to watch more Marvel movies….er, at least those with Loki=P

Aside from her book (which I HIGHLY recommend whether you’re a Loki fan or a Marvel noob like me), Pepi is just an all-around awesome lady. She posts consistently (pretty much every day, as far as I’ve seen!) about a wide-variety of topics, including women in pop culture (and the lack thereof), fandom stereotypes, and Autism. I also love reading about her adventures in Japan, and her Comics THORSday posts are always some of my favorites to read since I know so little about comics and love learning all I can about them!

As much as I enjoy her blog though, I enjoy Pepi as a person even more. She’s incredibly sweet and supportive of the geek blogger community, and she even came up with an awesome monthly feature called Random Acts of Fandom where she does something crazy and amazing for a fellow blogger who’s in need a little encouragement. Not going to lie, I’ve been nominated to participate in Random Acts and I haven’t yet because I’m so lazy…but I totally admire Pepi for keeping up with it and spreading the joy! What I’m trying to say is, Pepi’s a badass lady blogger and you should show her some love.

I also want to talk about another of my favorite bloggers, Rav from Ravalation. Rav was one of the first lady bloggers that I really talked to when I started blogging, and I knew she was a kindred spirit right away. She’s a gamer girl like me, specializing in SWTOR and LotRO (Star Wars: The Old Republic and Lord of the Rings Online, for those of you who thought those acronyms were gibberish). She shares her incredible screenshots on her blog, along with posts about gamer culture and her new life in Sweden. I wanted to share something particularly awesome that she’s taking part in this upcoming weekend, the Friendship France gathering in LotRO.

Rav isn’t the creator of this event, but I love that she’s spreading awareness about it. She’s even got me thinking about installing and playing a game that I’ve never considered playing in my life, simply because I love the idea of Friendship France and would like to join in. For those of you who haven’t heard of #FriendshipFrance, it’s an international meeting of LotRO players to show their support for France in light of the recent attacks. The intent is to comfort our fellow gamers in France, and I think it’s a beautiful idea. I’ve always hated that some people think that online friendships can’t be ‘real’ because they’re, well, online. Some of my closest friends are my guildies in WoW, and I’ve never met them in real life (and probably never will). I love how Rav describes this in her latest blog post:

“I know it’s just a silly game. But even if it’s ‘not real’, there are real people sitting behind their keyboards, real French people who could really do with some comfort. If there’s any chance I can provide some by just logging into an online game for an hour… well, who am I not to? I hope people will show up in great numbers.”

If you’re interested, she wrote a detailed post about how to join in and what to do. I think it’s awesome that she’s taking the time to spread the word about this and I sincerely hope that a lot of gamers end up joining in. On top of this event, Rav is also participating in IntPiPoMo! I definitely hadn’t heard about this before she posted about it, but it’s basically the photo alternative to NaNoWriMo. The idea is to post fifty screenshots (or photos) during the month of November, and Rav is well on her way to meeting that goal.

I can’t stress this enough, I adore Rav’s screenies. They seriously blow my mind sometimes…like, how do people manage to take such crazy gorgeous photos in video games? Aside from her screenshot prowess, I really enjoy Rav as a person because she is a down-to-earth geeky gal with a big heart<3 If you’ve never checked out Rav’s blog before, you really should! Even if you aren’t a gamer, I’m absolutely positive you’ll enjoy it…even if you do just visit to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at her pretty screenshots!

I’m trying not to rush the end of this post here but I can’t stop thinking about something else that makes me happy…the Sims! I just reinstalled the Sims 3 yesterday and I’m itching to get some play time in before I head to bed. You’ve all been there, right gamers? Sleep is important and all, but I need to finish building my extravagant dream home for my virtual family. I hope you’re all having a fantastic week, and don’t forget to thank a badass lady or two in your life=)


  1. Stacey McDonald Reply

    This is awesome, I love the geek girl community and how supportive of each other we are! 🙂


    • It’s one of my favorite things about this community! Both Pepi and Rav, along with a ton of other awesome blogging ladies, have supported me at one point or another<3

    • They most certainly are! And don’t think I won’t be raving about you one of these days miss Mandy, you’re on my badass blogging ladies list too:P Haha, but seriously, this is such an amazing and supportive community and I’m so appreciative of both Pepi and Rav, as well as so many other fantastic bloggers<3

  2. OMG!!! This is awesome! Thank you for your nice words! <3 You made me so happy!!! 🙂 (Right now I have a huuuge smile, just like the Cheshire Cat's one 😉 ) Thank you!!!

  3. Danielle Knapp Reply

    Fantastic post! I love Pepi and will definitely have to check out Rav. I, too, have been nominated for a random act of fandom…should probably get to that lol 🙂

    • Thanks Nichole! Just want to spread a little love, this community is full of so many amazing ladies! You’re on my list to talk about in a future post too, of course<3

  4. Excellent post, and new feature!! I’ll definitely have to check out Rav’s blog. And Pepi is just wonderful!

  5. Wow, this is amazing Ashlee!! both Pepi and Rave deserve to be recognized in such light. I’m like you in which I’ve never been a super huge Marvel Fan so I can agree with you on this. Now since meeting Pepi I would certainly can appreciate Loki but I’m not sure I’ll be a super huge fan of Marvel.

    • Same here! I definitely appreciate Loki now…but I still know next to nothing about Marvel aside from him. I’ve seen a lot of Marvel movies but never cared much for them…guess that’s just one aspect of geek culture that I’m not into:P

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