Hi friends! Oh man, the week is almost over and I can’t wait. I’m traveling for the 4th of July to visit my family in Washington, so my work days have been dragging! Just have to get through today and tomorrow, then I’ll be taking my first week-long vacation since I started working twelve years ago.

I recently celebrated my anniversary with my husband in Woodside, CA. We’ve been married for three years, and we wanted to celebrate by doing something different than our standard vacations (which pretty much just involve visiting breweries in San Diego, haha). So we rented a sweet little AirBnB up in the mountains, surrounded by coastal Redwoods.

It was so much fun! Relaxing, peaceful…just what we needed. It was absolutely the best AirBnB experience we’ve had too. Our host was super accommodating, stocking up the fridge with sparkling water and food, giving us a map showing all of his favorite spots to hike, even offering to wash our dishes or laundry if we needed. Very cool experience.

We did spend a day in San Francisco, but I was so busy walking and enjoying all the sights that I didn’t manage to take many pictures there. I did take quite a few of our spot in Woodside, as well as the surrounding areas we explored like Pescadero Beach and the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. I wanted to share a few of my faves with you all, please enjoy!

How cute is this setup? It was such a cozy, romantic little room and the extra touch with the rose petal heart and yummy chocolates was so great!
Seriously, how cute, right?!! The actual room was teeny tiny, with a bed, mini fridge, writing desk, and some shelves for all the food and dishes. It wasn’t fancy, but it was absolutely heavenly. We were surrounded by Redwoods with no neighbors in sight! The only sounds we heard were bugs and birds…it was perfect.
The view just outside our door was beautiful! So much greenery, it was unlike anything I’d seen before. Naturally we spent our mornings in the guest room of the main house, where there was a couch and TV:P
The beaches along the Northern coast of California were so incredible. Very different from our Southern California beaches. The top photo is from Pescadero Beach, where we walked along some rocks in the fog and took like, a hundred photos. Foggy beaches are basically my new favorite place. The bottom shot is outside of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, and I loved all of the pretty wildflowers!
More shots from Pigeon Point. I just couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous flowers and how they looked against the rocks along the ocean. And the lighthouse was so cool! It’s pretty rundown and they’re fundraising to keep it maintained, so there was a cool little shop as well as an information center where we could check out the giant light that used to be in there.
We never take many selfies because we’re both so damn awkward, haha. But I really loved this one, which we took shortly after getting to Woodside. It was about a seven hour drive and we were both exhausted from waking up so early, but it was all so worth it for such a magical trip. Here’s to many more anniversaries with my love.

Over to you!

What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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