Time for 6 on 6! This is one of my favorite photography prompts, along with the A Day in the Life project. While I was trying to take pictures for this month’s theme, red, I realized that I’m really not a fan of the color. When I think of red, I think of Christmas. Christmas used to be my favorite holiday…I guess it still is on some level, but since my husband hates it, it kind of takes the fun away. Christmas was his dad’s birthday, and his dad died shortly after my brother last year. So holidays in general are tough for both of us, but Christmas especially.

Sorry to start this post out as such a downer, but I want you all to know that I love seeing the festivities and awesome Christmas decorations in your posts! I like to hope that someday, far in the future, my husband and I will be at a point where we can enjoy the holidays again. There will always be a spot in our hearts hurting for the loved ones we lost, but holidays are such a magical time to spend with the loved ones you have…I urge you all not to take them for granted<3 Anyway, I’ll stop being depressing now and show you some pictures instead!

I got this pin from Laney of Zainey Laney during a group swap a couple months ago, and I absolutely love it! It’s a little big and bulky, so I’ve never worn it, but I do like displaying it above my desk in my room. Harry Potter was such a big part of my life growing up, and I like the constant reminder of my first fandom thanks to this pin.

To me, December means yummy Christmas-themed beers. My favorite is always YuleSmith by AleSmith, but the Back Home Gingerbread Stout by Golden Road is pretty yummy too (though I’m not happy with Golden Road for other reasons, grumble grumble, and I do consider myself a hypocrite for buying this). Have you tried any Christmas-themed beers?

I’m a big fan of Wes Anderson films, but I’m an even bigger fan of Jason Schwartzman. The second I saw this shirt on TeeFury‘s website, I snatched it up. He’s my favorite actor, and I’ll gladly pay homage to his first movie role.

The least red of all my photos this month, but I absolutely love this rose-scented incense. It’s such a relaxing smell, and it’s so much fun to burn while I’m doing my daily tarot reading. Now I’m on the hunt for a cute incense holder!

Pokémon is still one of my favorite fandoms, and I adore this amazing crotcheted pokéball that was given to me a couple years ago by a co-worker. Now that I’m a grown-up, I can buy all the cute Pokémon stuff that I always wanted, but I’ll never love any of it as much as I love this handmade goody.

How fun is this Christmas Dalek card?! I’m participating in a holiday card swap with some fellow bloggers/vloggers and I couldn’t pass these guys up. One of the things I’m most thankful for when it comes to this blog, aside from meeting all of the incredibly supportive female geek blogging ladies (hi gals!), is my newly found love of Doctor Who=P Speaking of, I’m super psyched for the Doctor Who Christmas special! Who else is excited to see River Song again?

I hope you all are having a great weekend! I think I might end up doing a separate post about this at some point, but have any of you watched A Very Murray Christmas on Netflix yet? I’m reading a lot of negative reviews about it but you know what, I absolutely loved it. Bill Murray is spectacular and yeah, there were definitely some missed notes throughout the special but who cares? It was funny and totally Murray, and the guest actors just made it incredible. I loved pretty much every performance, but especially Bill and Chris Rock’s super awkward rendition of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” If you’re a Bill Murray fan, this is totally worth a watch!


  1. Bill Murray lives in my area and likes to go around fucking with people, and it’s SO FUNNY. He cracks me up! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I loved your photos! <3

  2. I am so sorry to learn about what happened to your loved ones. Especially during times like Christmas, it must be hard… All the more reasons to spread love around you for those who you care about though, warm hugs from across the world! *hugging the screen and not feeling stupid at all*

    As always, great pics 🙂 The Hogwarts pin is so beautiful, and I fell in love with the knitted pokéball, so thoughtful of your friend! And for the incense holder, I found this cute Totoro one on Etsy <3

  3. Lovely photos! Sorry to hear about your loved ones…I can certainly imagine how that must damper the holidays. Sending lots of hugs and good vibes for this holiday season! I’d love to send a Christmas card your way if that’s alright – I’m hosting a swap on my blog, but don’t feel you have to reciprocate – I just like to send out a little joy via snail mail! 😀

    • Hey, I’d love that!! And I definitely appreciate the virtual hugs and good vibes, those always help<3 It's been really tough, but I know it'll get easier with time. I hope you're enjoying the holiday season, though! I'm not a mama yet, but I'm sure sharing Christmas with your baby girl makes it even more magical!

    • Oh yeah, you probably won’t like this one if you aren’t a fan of flavored beer. It tastes more like gingerbread, less like beer:P And I agree! I always love getting handmade gifts…not so much making them, since I’m lazy and uncoordinated, ha!

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