I’m super late posting my ‘6 on 6’ today because I’ve been lazy and WoW-obsessed these past couple weeks. Such is life, right? World of Warcraft, Neko Atsume, and lots of Mozart in the Jungle! Have any of you watched it? I’ve always loved Gael García Bernal and he is absolute perfection as an eccentric conductor. Gah, he is just so adorable! Plus, this show gives me all kinds of feels since it definitely makes me miss my days as a clarinetist</3

This month’s theme is black. Not gonna lie, I’m a little bummed that February’s color wasn’t pink, but maybe that was a little too stereotypical for Emma when she created this prompt? We get pink next month, so I guess I’ll survive until then:P

I recently posted about one of my favorite recent reads, Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. There are so many gorgeous pages that I just can’t get enough of, but this spread is my favorite! That ‘death blooms’ is so eerie and lovely.

My black Funko Pops! The Dalek Sec is my favorite because he’s adorable, but I love my boys too!

Some of my very favorite books are black or mostly black. The top book, The Gunslinger by Stephen King, is the first in the best book series I’ve ever read. It’s kind of western/horror…but not too scary!

I am still so madly in love with my The Wild Unknown tarot deck. The artwork is so beautiful, and I love those little splashes of color.

I couldn’t pass up this yummy beer by Elysian. Corporate beer still sucks! The growlers behind the bottle are from my favorite Orange County breweries, and definitely looked more black than amber before I took this picture, haha.

I just had to stick these ‘Cute but Deadly’ magnets on my computer! Look at the itty bitty Illidan, squee!

Anyway, I saw quite a few ‘6 on 6’ posts up that I can’t wait to check out. Thanks as always to Emma of Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder for creating this awesomely geeky prompt, I always have so much fun with it!


    • Aw, I got them from LootCrate!! Bummer that Blizz isn’t selling them, but I have an extra set though WHICH MEANS I’m just totally going to send them over to you when I have a chance. Just because:P

      • I’d love you with the fire of a thousand suns if you did!! Hahahah. LootCrate is something I’ve thought about subbing to foreverrr but I’m hesitant to spend the money because idk if some crates will just have stuff I don’t care about some months 🙁

        • That’s totally why I unsubbed. Mostly cool stuff, but a lot of things I just didn’t care about. I missed out on an exclusive Pop! right after I unsubscribed though, so that’s annoying:P

          I’ll send them out this weekend! They’re way cute<3

          • *happy dance* Yay!! Yeah I see a lot of cool stuff people are getting from their crates online…but a lot of it is just “stuff” that would sit around taking up space (I’m not especially big on collecting). But I do get jealous from time to time, hahah!

    • Thanks Charlotte!! And isn’t he way cool? There’s an ‘Evolving Dalek Sec’ that I’m totally crazy about too, so I’ll need to add him to my collection soon:P

  1. My eyes went directly to HOOK!!! OMG. I’m hooked and puppy-eyed sick for Hook xDDDDD It was like a magnet! And talking about magnets. OMG those magnets! They’re too cute! Oh! You have The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck? Awesome! I didn’t buy it but I was thinking about it… Problem is… I have tons os tarot decks already LOL

      • Yeah get Emma! <3 It's a super pretty pop. She has a tiny body, so she cannot stand without the help of the stand though. But she is so cute (and with Hook they look perfect together!) My favorite Tarot Deck is the Druid Craft Tarot. Although I have tons of them, I always end up taking the same deck to read O.o [And I have really pretty ones…]

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