Happy weekend, friends! With the release of World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion and all the crazy life stuff going on, I haven’t managed to get much done for this little blog of mine. Fortunately, I know a bunch of amazing gals in the geeky blogging community, and the lovely Dina volunteered to write a guest post for me.

If you haven’t checked out Dina’s blog, you definitely should. Her photography skills are off the hook, and she’s a cool geeky mama to boot! Thanks for helping me out, Dina<3 Now without further ado, check out Dina’s list of fun fandoms that us millennials have long forgotten!


Millennials rejoice or rather cry for these long forgotten shows. We’ve had a host of shows in the late 80’s early 90’s that were some of the most fandom worthy shows out there. With the passage of time, these shows have been lost the flotsam of memory. Some of these shows didn’t last very long during the time of their original broadcasting, yet their memories live on in random syndication. Often times we millennials may not even remember these shows until we stumble upon an episode or random fan art.

Today I’ve compiled a list of the shows I remember racing home after to school to watch. Delaying homework in order to watch these shows. Thankfully some of them were reserved for the Saturday Morning line up and I simply had to wake up no later than 6AM to get my bowl of cereal ready and a comfy place in front of the T.V. These shows are long over but not forgotten.

1. The Pirates of Dark Water


This Hanna-Barbera show makes the top of my list of fandom worthy shows. It was an odd show featuring a diverse cast. All of the characters appeared to be of Middle-Eastern descent. The story takes place on the water world of Mer, Prince Ren is tasked with finding the Lost Thirteen Treasure of Rule, in order to save Mer from the Dark Water. Along the way, he meets Tula an ecomancer, Nibbler a monkey-bird and Ioz a treasure happy pirate. Naturally, there was excitement on the high seas as the rag-tag crew collected only eight of the thirteen treasures before the show was canceled.

The beauty of the show was the seriousness the characters portrayed on the screen. Naturally, Nibbler brought comedy relief to this darker children’s show, yet his jokes didn’t take away from the show as a whole. Dark Water could easily be brought to older audiences and I believe it would fair well. There was naturally romantic tension Ren and Tula, but sadly we’ll never know how their relationship ends up.

Sadly, after only two seasons the show was canceled and we’ll never know how Ren, Tula, Nibbler, and Ioz manage to save Mer. It was a well-written show that went on to spawn comics and a couple of video games, yet it was not enough to save this amazingly mature children’s show. If you are interested in watching the show you can purchase the DVD box set on Amazon.

2. Gargoyles


Talk about a memorable show! I remember the previews for the debut airing during the Disney Afternoon. In the year 994, a clan of nocturnal species known as gargoyles and lead by Goliath lives in a castle in Scotland. Many of the gargoyles are betrayed and killed by the human inhabitants of the castle. The remainder are cursed to sleep, which turns them into stone. Flash forward to 1994, billionaire David Xanatos purchases the gargoyles’ castle and has it reconstructed atop his NYC skyscraper, triggering the awakening the Manhattan Clan. Along the way, the join forces with a female police officer, Elisa Maza and find Xanatos to be a reflection of the enemies of their past. Additionally, the gargoyles must learn to adjust to life in modern New York.

The concept of the show as a kid was really interesting and to top that the main heroine, Elisa Maza was a woman of mixed African-American and Native American descent. Which back in the mid 90’s was not a formula that was regularly appearing in a program. She was someone to look up to for little girls like me of an equally diverse background, in my case African-American and Turkish. The show was already pushing against social issues by featuring Elisa as the main heroine, but they didn’t stop there. The writers of the show touched many social issues.

Sadly, due to a change in the third season, the show was canceled. It was is still such a fantastic show, perhaps the grittiest and darkest on this list. Fans continue to demand a remake or movie for the franchise, yet Disney seems only interested in letting the show collect dust on the shelf.

3. Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego was a children’s T.V. show based off of the computer game with the same name. Broadcasted on Fox’s Kid Block on Saturday mornings. A brother and sister team Zach and Ivy work for the ACME detective agency. Their task is to hunt down the notorious thief and head of V.I.L.E Carmen Sandiego, and stop her and V.I.L.E. from stealing ancient artifacts from around the world. Notably, the show featured a live-action child playing the computer version of Carmen Sandiego. As such, the entire premise of the show actually takes place in the computer. If you’ve ever played the game the show unfolds much in the same format. It is an interesting take on geography and history, in future seasons time travel is added to expand the exploration possibilities.

Perhaps, the most educational show on the list I couldn’t skip it because it is light-hearted and fun. The beauty in it is the combination of education and fun. Featuring, trivia, foreign languages, and vocabulary helped to keep my interest as a child. There are small story arcs and while most of the plots wrap up in a single episode.

Carmen Sandiego is one of the longer running shows on the list. It was just plain fun and perhaps I was always cheering on Carmen Sandiego to escape Ivy and Zach.

4. ReBoot
A fun American-Canadian children’s action-adventure show. It was the first half-hour children’s show on North American T.V. The premise of ReBoot is the inner world of a computer, known as Mainframe. Bob, a game character, battles the user’s character to save sections of Mainframe. If Bob fails at his task a section cube will fall and the sector will be destroyed. Any sprites or binomes caught in the destruction turn into energy-draining, worms called nulls. Bob is joined by Phong, Dot Matrix, Enzo Matrix and the dog Frisket. They live their lives in Mainframe at peace normally until Bob has to go to work or Megabyte, an infectious computer virus, and his sister Hexadecimal wreaks havoc on Mainframe.

In the ABC children’s programming lineup this show was full of fun and antics. It is one of the few shows on the list that did have a chronological timeline. It was a series ahead of its time and forging the path for children’s programming. Many shows have to give thanks to ReBoot for making a computer animated show work on T.V. Although many have criticized the use of graphics and how they look dated and they do it was with a purpose. It was popular enough to survive cancellation and return for a final season. An amazing show that deserves more than four seasons.

5. King Arthur and The Knights of Justice
Hang with me on this one! Sure it was voted one of the worse recreations of the Arthurian legend, but it was perfect for the audience who it was aimed at, kids. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are trapped by Queen Morgana. Merlin, in an act of desperation, searches for knights that can fill the place of King Arthur and his Knights. Merlin finds theses knights in the future, in a New York Knights football team. The football team is teleported back in time after a football game. Each member of the team is assigned a knights role to fulfill. They are tasked with freeing King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by collecting the Twelve Keys of Truth. Once these keys are recovered the Knights will be released and the football team can return home. The series was a completely chronological story unlike the rest of the shows on the list. Despite this, the show was canceled abruptly in the second season.

It was one of the few shows full of fun and adventure that had a continuing story. I’m often left wonder how the final battle between the Knights and Queen Morgana would have unfolded. Although, there is a video game that showcased a battle between Queen Morgana in dragon form and the Knights it wasn’t the same. I think this particular retelling of the Arthurian legend worked only because it was aimed at children. It was more relatable to bring forward thinking teens into the past and teach them a loose retelling. It was a fun show that introduced a bit of diversity in the characters and a little romance.

This is my list of five childhood fandoms millennials forgot. Some of these shows are long over but never forgotten. Did you see a show on this list you enjoyed too? Or do you have a show that should have been on this list?


  1. About a week ago, I had a major dose of Carmen Sandiego nostalgia. I’ve been wanting to play Where In Time is Carmen Sandiego so bad ever since. She was so awesome!

  2. YESSSS. Gargoyles, Reboot, and Carmen Sandiego. So much of my childhood right in those shows!

  3. Oh my glob, loved Gargoyles growing up, it was so good for it’s time. Loved that there was this awesome, strong front woman it was finally a person I could relate with and look up to. Since I’ve kinda always been a tomboy. Plus the Gargoyle characters and story were just so good. <3

    • It was the best! I didn’t know that Jennifer Hale played Ivy. All these years and I have been hearing her voice during my childhood as well!

  4. Heather Harrington Reply

    Oh my gosh, Gargoyles and Carmen Sandiego were my jam!

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